Dean economics faculty:Jiemuratov Temirbaj Polatbaevich+99861-226-17-66 t_jiemuratov@karsu.uz http://sef.karsu.uz 

Faculty chairs

  1. The Finance
  2. Economy
  3. Accounting and audit
  4. Economic Theory

History of social economics faculty

In 1977 as a part of the Karakalpak state university the economics of agriculture faculty has been created, students on specialities agriculture Mechanization, Agronomics, agriculture Planning, Accounting have been accepted. Since 1977 as a part of faculty the unique chair Agronomics has been formed. 6 teachers worked In it. In September, 1978 on the basis of agronomics chair chairs of agriculture economics and chair of Agronomics have been formed.

By the head of chair of agriculture economics has been appointed associate professor S.Tleubergenov. At this time on chair worked A.K.Matekeev, T.Sitmuratov, O.Nazarbayev, G.Dzhumagalieva, M.Sejtnazarov, E.Izbaskanov, O.Berdiev and others. In 1980 from structure of chair of agriculture economics the chair of accounting and the analysis of activity of agriculture have been allocated and opened. In the given new created chair and A.K.Matekeev has been appointed as the head. In 1992-1994 the dean of faculty was doctor of economical sciences, professor A.K.Matekeev. There are 4 chairs functioning at faculty. In 1994 on a post of the dean professor A.Otarov worked. In 1995 as the dean of faculty worked associate professor O.Nazarbayev. At present at faculty function the Economy chair, accounting and audit chairs, chair of Economic cybernetics and computer science. About 2005-2010 as deans of faculty of economy worked c.e.s., associate professor R.Eshnijazov, dotsent B.Gaipov, c.e.s., associate professor A.Torebekov, c.e.s. associate professo A. Inyatov, c.e.s., associate professor S.Bajzhanov, c.e.s., the associate professor G.Utemuratova. In 2011 as a result of association of faculty the Finance and Economy faculty the Social and economic faculty has been organised. By the head of faculty has been appointed associate professo B.Sejlbekov. Now over faculty supervises associate professor T.Zhiemuratov supervises over the faculty.

Now there are 5 chairs function at faculty: the finance, economy, accounting and audit, a business management, общеэкономические disciplines.

The faculty closely co-operates with faculties economy, the finance of Universities of Uzbekistan, the Russian Federation, Kazakhstan, and also with centres of science.

Education system:

Bachelor degree directions

  1. 5230100 – “Economy”
  2. 5230900 – «Accounting and audit»
  3. 5230600 – “Finans”
  4. 5230300 – «the Organization of small-scale business and individual activity»
  5. 5341700 – “Exchequer”

Magistracy specialities

  1. 5А340102 – economy Sphere
  2. 5А230901 – Accounting

Professor teaching staff – 85.

Doctors of sciences – 2.

Candidates of science – 27.

The scientific project

Ф-1-77. Development of regional strategy of social and economic development of the Southwest of Uzbekistan, considering ecological conditions of northern Priaralja (on an example of economy of Amudarijnsky area).