The charity actions of “Mercy and Support” continue…

By | 16.05.2020


Such high qualities as mercy and generosity give warmth to our hearts, and we rejoice that we benefit others. Especially during the current quarantine, many noble deeds are carried out.

On April 20 of this year, President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev at the video conference on ensuring the full functioning of enterprises in the areas of industry, construction and infrastructure raised the issue of supporting segments of the population in need of social protection.

On this purpose, at the meeting, taking into account the historical and spiritual values ​​of our people, such high qualities asmercy, generosity and kindness, our President took the initiative to create the national movement “Mercy and Support”.

On May 6 this year, the staff of teachers of the Faculty of Economics of our University, supporting this initiative of our President, came to the student dormitory and visited foreign students living there. They provided them with the food necessary for daily consumption.

Such charitable deeds performed during the holy month of Ramazan become even nobler.




Deputy Dean for Youth Affairs of

Faculty of Economics