Economics Faculty helps those in need

By | 16.05.2020

We all know that, being a worldwide problem, the COVID-19 coronavirus infection poses a danger to humanity. In our Republic, health workers are taking tough measures to combat infection and prevention. It pleases the people that patients infected with this infection are cured.

Taking into account the historical and spiritual values ​​of our people, such high qualities as mercy, generosity and kindness, on April 20, 2020 our President took the initiative to create the national movement “Mercy and Support”.

In this movement, the staff of the Faculty of Economics of Berdakh Karakalpak State University provides financial and food assistance to the population of the Syrdarya region affected from an accident in the Sardoba reservoir area, also visited and provided assistance to 7 low-income families living in the territorial district No.52 of the city of Nukus.

In turn, the families were pleased with the assistance of the University staff and expressed their sincere gratitude to the leaders of the government and all the employees of the University.



Qarjawbay Nurmanov

Deputy Dean for Youth Affairs of

the Faculty of Economics.